ZipPick: Versatile Woven Skirt

Skirts are one of those pieces that often only work in 1 setting – a casual skirt usually can’t be worn to the office and a professional pencil skirt looks funny on the weekends. But I want to share a skirt that is incredibly versatile in terms of season, setting, and color: Zara Burgundy A-line skirt

zara woven skirt seattle personal stylist

This skirt is a nice alternative to the pencil skirt and long enough to be office-appropriate. Despite it’s “professionalism” it can be a surprisingly fun casual skirt as well. Team it with a denim shirt, a grey t-shirt, a navy light weight sweater and you have an informal look.

The burgundy color is also versatile and unexpected – it can be paired with the usual neutrals(white, black, navy, tan, grey) as well as blues.

If you live in a mild climate like Seattle, this skirt can be worn almost all year round. It’s not too heavy for 70 degree weather but can keep you warm during the winter if worn with tights.

Zip Picks: Perfect length shorts

I usually feel like Goldilocks when searching for the perfect Summer shorts and this time around is no exception.  Shorts feel either too long or too short.  But today I want to share a pair of short shorts from The Limited that are just right for me and my clients- the 5 in inseam is modest enough that we feel comfortable but short enough to be flattering.

They come in an assortment of colors and fabrics, including rugged denim, polished denim, stripes and colors.  As I write this they’re on sale for $39

limited denim shortslimited stripe shorts

limited polished denim shorts

limited aqua blue shorts

Style Ruts: The pencil skirt alternative

When you think of skirts for the office, you probably picture a pencil skirt in your head.  It’s the go-to professional skirt that can be worn easily with blazers and blouses.  But the same old can get boring and some of you may not like form-fitting aspect of pencil skirts.  Today I’ll review a few alternative professional skirts to get you out of your pencil skirt rut!

1.Full skirt - Full skirts are gathered and don’t hug the body like a pencil skirt.  They can range in lengths from full length to super short.  For the office, full skirts that hit right above the knee are the best bet.  Though long skirts are in right now, a long full skirt is generally not the ideal look in a professional setting.

How to wear: This look will look best with a form fitting top to balance out the fullness of the skirt. Think form fitted turtlenecks, buttoned down shirts, and blouses.

full skirt blue full skirt

2. A-line skirt – A line skirts fit snugly at the waist and flare out.  It is different than a full skirt in that pleating is minimal and the “A” shape is maintained.

How to wear:  This is very similar to a pencil skirt.  You can wear the tops you usually pair with those.  Thus it’s the easiest alternative to a pencil skirt!  A-line skirts are great for those of you with big hips (places emphasize on waist and hides the hips) and wide shoulders (balances out shoulders).

a line skirt1 a line skirt

4. Midi pencil skirt – Midi skirts are a cousin of the traditional pencil skirt but slightly longer in length.  The hemline is usually between the bottom of knee to mid calf.

How to wear:  You’ll most likely feel more comfortable in a skirt that isn’t too tight.  Because the skirt will cover a lot of skin, you can wear lower necklines, short sleeves or 3/4 sleeves.  Heels will be best in terms of footwear because the leg line will be shortened with the lower hemline.

midi skirtmidi patterned skirt

Style Inspiration: Bomber jackets

Earlier in the week, I wrote a post about the trendy bomber jackets in this season.  They may remind you of the 80s but I’m here today to show how they can worn in a variety of ways: professional, oversized, casual, contrast sleeves, or leather.  Vote your favorite below!


Leather bomber with skirt


Baseball bomber with red shoes


White and grey contrast sleeve bomber with slouchy pants


Leather quilted bomber with pencil skirt